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Youth and Grads

When those of us with a little grey on top were growing up the careers of choice were fighter pilot for boys and nurses for girls. As industries evolved there are more digital jobs today than ever before!

New grads have the opportunity to work in industries that are not 9 to 5, but are project and task driven. These jobs provide youth with the ability to structure their days how they want them to be. I will never forget the first day that I started working in sales for a web development company and as I walked in the door at 8 am I saw a developer cracking a beer. I admit I was totally shocked until I realized that this individual had been working all night coding an e-commerce interface for a huge web development project.

As I got more immersed in the world of technology, I realized that the industry really stresses work/ life balance to inspire creativity.

New grads can look at a huge number of contract and freelance jobs that provide them with limitless abilities to structure their own schedules.

We even provided training for individuals embracing the “Digital Nomad” lifestyle of work and world travel. We marvelled at the Facebook posts from Asia, and South America as our successful students worked wherever they wanted to and got paid well for doing it.

If your young grad is confused about career paths and options just give us a call at 250-508-5774 to set up a meeting. We provide options and information to provide youth with the knowledge to make educated decisions about educational and career paths.

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