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Tutoring Services


Today’s online classes often move quickly and make it difficult to ask questions if someone is stuck with a problem. They can be extremely impersonal and relate the sense of an individual being left behind because they are waiting for someone to answer an online question.

We understand the frustrations that surround today’s educational system and that is why we offer customized tutoring services for Microsoft Office and Adobe programs.

We build tutoring packages to be affordable and assist individuals in completing their training by ensuring that they fully understand the skills being taught.

We have proficiency and experience in dealing with Business 140 at Camosun College. We have conducted tutoring sessions both in person and via online mediums.

We have also been successful at working with releasing military members who want to upgrade their computer skills prior to release. Our approach is unique in that our instructors ensure that students are confident in their skills before proceeding to learn new ones.

We want our tutored students to be successful in their training and we encourage them to give us a call if they have an easily answered question. We know that not everyone retains everything the first time that they learn it. Students can email, or call in, with a question to help them solve their problems after they receive tutoring from us. If the problem needs more attention that a phone call permits, we will provide a cost and time to set up a tutoring session.



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