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We find ourselves in extremely turbulent economic times, and many people are finding themselves out of work. That means having to dust off the resume and start writing cover letters.
Some people will find themselves looking toward traditional

 resume writing services to create a master resume, and then help them with customized resumes per job listing. There is nothing wrong with engaging these services, but what these traditional services forget is that we live in a “digital age”. We live in an age where hiring managers can do research on perspective clients on the internet before they even look at a resume.

According to a study conducted by Workopolis 93% of hiring managers will view a perspective employees social media profiles before considering hiring them. The study also stated that 44% of hiring managers hired a perspective employee because they liked what they saw on their social media profiles.

Employers are looking for potential employees who are intelligent, creative and can fit in with their corporate culture. Social media profiles provide potential employers with this information where a standard resume does not.

Job seekers today need to understand that a resume alone is not enough to get an interview. It takes a resume and understanding a digital footprint to really get the job done.


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